Our consultation packages range from a 4 – 8 hour sessions where we explore your digital product and provide you with the clarity on the next steps. A strategist, a developer, and a designer work with you to give you the clarity and the confidence to move forward with your startup idea. From this session you will learn how viable, possible, and profitable is or will be.


It can be hard to validate a business idea. Instead of building a product and hoping that it’ll fly, we do a sprint! A sprint is a 5 day comprehensive deep dive into your idea where we test your idea with real customers. At the end of this sprint you will validate your business idea and have a product prototype that you can build upon, in 5 days.

Project Evaluation

When you’ve validated your business idea and you want to know how to build it, our project evaluation gives you the insight, timelines, cost, and development strategies that you need. With our project evaluation services, you will know exactly what it takes to build your application down to the nitty gritty technical details. We provide diagrams, code structures, scalability strategies and the exact configurations needed to bring your idea to life.

Product Development

We will design and/or develop your product using the latest most stable technologies and techniques that keep your users coming back for more. We will work together as partners to build your application according to your specific goals.

We are fast and precise, building your product incrementally and testing with real customers along the way guaranteeing that when you launch, your users will love it. We build for mobile phones, virtual reality systems, wearables, desktops, and the web

Continuous Improvement

Measure and learn data for your product while it’s in front of customers so that you can gain the insights to build the best product for your users. Once launched, we provide maintenance and monitoring services needed for your app to flourish. Your customers don’t like downtime and bugs and we catch, manage, and deliver sustainability during the lifetime of your product.

In addition, we measure the effectiveness of your current features and how they solve your customers problems. Through graphs, reports, and analysis you’ll know where your app needs to improve and how to stay current in the digital product age

Vermillion Sky breaks your startup idea down to a science.